President Ghani: Administrative Complex Will be Built in 27 Provinces

President Ghani on Sunday said that administrative complexes will be built not only in Kabul but also in 27 other provinces of Afghanistan.

“I am not giving details about the complex,” Ghani said at the ceremony of laying the foundation stone for the complex at ARG “What I want is quick action. The people don’t want idea, they want action.”

He added: “Kabul didn’t have an owner. The problem of Kabul was created due to lack of good governance.” Chahar Tapa and Bala Hasar of Kabul will be restored”.

President Ghani pointed out that urban planning is not possible without a clear comparative view, and further added that, they have worked with Kabul Urban Design Framework – Sasaki, which resulted in a clear vision of city’s development in six volumes.

He noted that, the government institutions will be transferred to Darulaman and the center of city would become cultural center.

The property of Kabul city residents will be a fixed and credible property and for their investment, a large part of the departments which have been built in the recent years in Kabul aren’t strong nor built with quality, as per president Ghani.

He said that the construction of Darulaman palace will be completed next month worth $9 million.

According to Ghani, no building will be built taller than Darulaman palace so that its height is maintained.
So far, 4million acres of government land have been registered, president Ghani said.

The Complex will be inspired by Modern Islamic architecture patterns as well as classical inspiration sources found during the reign of Timurid, Ghaznavid, Ghorid & Khurasanid dynasties.

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