President Ghani at Paktia Rally: Afghans Paying Price of War, Don’t Want Them Killing Each Other

Addressing a campaign rally in Paktia, President Ghani explained that he visited Pakistan based on the demand of the Loya Jirga delegates. “Peace need precision. We want peace with dignity,” Ghani said.

Ghani clarified that he has not said anything wrong about the Taliban, but merely said that if Taliban chooses war, then “we will also fight”. Afghans are paying the price of the war, he remarked, and added that he does not want to see Afghans “killing each other”.

Giving a message to Taliban, President Ghani asked them to join hands to build Afghanistan, “Don’t taunt us and we will not taunt you, nothing will be resolved by taunting or insulting”.

Moreover, the president pointed out that Taliban don’t have any re-building experience, and that people’s choice is Afghanistan, not Talibistan. Government should not have two heads and six legs, Ghani conceded.

In the same campaign, Vice Presidential candidate Amrullah Saleh also gave a message to Taliban that, “our difference is that you have Punjabi thought and I have Afghan thought”.

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