President Ghani Denounces Taliban’s “Gruesome Act of Terror” in Kabul

Presidential Palace released a statement expressing President Ghani’s views on Wednesday’s blast in Kabul, saying that the Taliban once again uncovered their “despicable face” and perpetrated a terrorist attack in 6th district of Kabul that killed and wounded scores of our innocent fellow citizens, including women and children.

Denouncing this gruesome act of terror, President Ashraf Ghani said Taliban are launching terrorist assaults on civilians and public facilities for the sake of receiving concessions in peace talks.

The president said the Taliban’s perception to get credits in peace talks by protracting such heinous and inhuman crimes is an illusion and the brave Afghan Defense and Security forces are fully prepared to suppress them at every corner of the country.

The president ordered relevant health authorities to make every possible effort to reach out those affected as a result of the incident. President Ghani offered his deepest sympathies to the families of deceased and wished speedy recovery to those who sustained injuries.

Meanwhile. Deputy Interior Minister Khoshal Sadat said that “the enemies don’t have any achievement in provinces; therefore, they are trying to launch attacks in cities”.
Gen Sadat said that Taliban will not win, and will be defeated and killed.

“We had achievements in all three operations that we launched in Kabul and the enemies were killed during the operations,” Sadat said. Any attack by the Taliban is a barrier on the way of the peace process, Presidential spokesman Sediq Sediqqi said at a press conference in Kabul.

He also said that in today’s attack in Kabul, Taliban showed they do not want peace.  “Taliban does not have another opportunity. They must end the war,” Sediqqi said.

He explained in a press conference how Taliban has been under tremendous military pressure from ANDSD and hide their dead bodies. “Many of their leaders killed. Every Taliban attack is an obstacle before peace. They intentionally target civilians”, he said.

Sediqi added that today’s terrorist attack is another example of Taliban atrocities.

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