President Ghani signs up to run for presidential elections, he calls the idea of interim government “ridiculous”

President Ashraf Ghani on Sunday registered as a candidate for the presidential elections and clarified that he will continue to act as president until the election results are out.

Former Acting Minister of Interior and ex-NDS chief Amrullah Saleh would be Ghani’s running mate as his first vice president and the Second Vice President, Sarwar Danish is his running mate as his second VP.

“Our team has a will and a plan,” Ghani said, adding that “the demand of the nation is having a strong government.”

Explaining his ideology, he said that the government should be in the service of people not some individuals,
“A strong team will stop the open court. Government should work for the public not for specific people,” Ghani said. “Our people will have two choices in the upcoming election to move forward.”

Ghani also clarified that he started the peace initiative and that his team is committed to bringing a lasting peace to the country.
He also added how he wants Afghanistan’s relations with the international community to be based on mutual interest.

Moreover, ending poverty is another one of his team’s goal.

Talking about his team, President Ghani informed that Mohammad Yousuf Ghazanfar would be the fourth member of his electoral ticket.

Former acting minister of interior and former NDS chief Amrullah Saleh, addressing the same press conference declared that “We have a deal with president”. “Government should have one voice”, Saleh added.

Saleh also stressed on removing divisions within government. “Our team is not one which has signed division as a precondition for power”, said Saleh.

Second VP Danish also expressed that some candidates are prematurely campaigning for presidential election.

Ghani further clarified on some point, firstly clearing that Afghans will not accept interim government and then finally calling the idea of forming interim government a ‘ridiculous’.

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