President Ghani: Taliban’s Attacks Did Not Divide Us, Our Need and Demand is Peace

President Ashraf Ghani addressed the 22nd JCMB meeting on Monday at the presidential palace and called on the Afghan civil servants, including ANDSF, to remain impartial in the upcoming presidential elections.

“I don’t deny the issues. But at the same time, I can see a public wave which is moving like an ocean, mobilized to determine their future in upcoming election.The nation isn’t going to bow-down to any problems & with firm determination will overcome all the obstacles”, he expressed.

The President explained that prices of daily used items, including flour & cooking oil, didn’t increase in Afghan markets because of the neighbours’ hawkish policies, meanwhile also saying that “we did not allow history to repeat itself. Taliban’s attacks did not divide us.”

“All our historical sites will stand tall same as we restored Darulaman Palace,” President Ghani said and he added that they bring peace with the strong will of this nation.

He also highlighted that the big concern is peace and that every foreign nation is Afghanistan’s friend and helped Afghans in different fields.

President Ghani also remarked that election is to build trust and implement democracy and its people’s direct participation in political process

“Peace is very fundamental and i want you to cooperate with us in this issue, to build a coalition. I am grateful of every nation because you cooperate with us and stand shoulder by shoulder”, he said.

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