President Ghani: The Only Logical Way for Peace Is Direct Talks Between Afghan Govt and Taliban

President Ghani has expressed that the only logical way for peace is that the Taliban should start direct talk with Afghan government.

ARG, the presidential palace said that President Ashraf Ghani expressed this while addressing the delegates of Doha meeting on Wednesday evening.

At the meeting, the Doha meeting delegates said that in the Doha meeting the issues such as national unity, modern values and preserving the achievements of the past 18 years were discussed with Taliban.

The delegates also expressed hope that the meeting could be a step towards the start of direct peace talks between Taliban and the Afghan government.

President Ghani also considered the Doha meeting a good start and emphasized that the government is fully prepared for the talks and while the Doha Joint Declaration is not binding, the government of Afghanistan honors and values it.

Mr. Ghani also noted that the Afghan government will continue its efforts to achieve peace and permeant stability.

Doha delegates returned to Afghanistan after 2-days of dialogue with Taliban.

The unofficial translation of resolution between Taliban and Afghan representatives the Intra-Afghan Peace Conference which was held 8n Doha, for two days stated that the participants emphasised on the continuation of dialogue and agreed on several points to reach a sustainable peace.

Firstly, the participants had consensus that achieving sustainable peace is the demand of Afghan people and is only possible through Afghan inclusive negotiations.

“Afghanistan is a united, Islamic country and home for all different ethnicities. Islamic sovereignty, social and political justice, national unity, territorial sovereignty, which all Afghans are committed upon”, the statement read.

It was agreed upon that Afghanistan shall not be witness of another war and its only an intra Afghan agreement like this that would bring a solution.

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