President Ghani Wishes Afghans on Eid, Calls on Politicians to Unite

On the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha, President Ghani wished all in an address.

Regarding elections he assured that next time they will fully fund election. “Election is vital for us,” Ghani said, adding that “can a week govt enter to the peace process? We need an elected government by the people in coming months.”

President Ghani called on politicians to unite and added that Afghans want dignified peace.

“Time has gone when children were deprived of education” he said.

Regarding the peace process, Ghani reminded everyone that it was the Afghan government that launched peace process.

He explained that US President Donald Trump had the toughest stance until he himself held talks with Trump.

“Peace will come. Afghanistan’s future will be determined in the country itself” President Ghani said and added “We will never move backward”.

He also added that Afghans want national peace not a peace with a party or any side, and that there is no doubt that peace is coming to Afghanistan but peace with dignity.

“Afghanistan’s flag is the symbol of unity. We should never go back,” Ghani expressed.

He also added that the first ceasefire showed that Afghans have the capability and want for peace.

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