Proposal of “Caretaker Government” Presented to Foreign Diplomats

The Presidential Candidate Council has announced that the proposal for caretaker government which is to be installed after May 22 has been presented to the foreign diplomats.

The proposal for caretaker government after May 22 was presented in a meeting with the presence of foreign diplomats from the United States, Britain, France, Italy, Russia, Pakistan, Japan, the Netherlands, India, Tajikistan, UNAMA, NATO and the Agha Khan Foundation, Presidential Candidate Council said in a statement on Sunday.

Previously, Presidential Candidates Council had announced a two-option plan for a caretaker government which said that the current president with his deputies withholds his candidacy for the presidency, and can continue his work as “caretaker government” after first Jawza of current year.

They warned that if the leaders of the national unity government continue to work illegally after first Jawza of current year, in opposition to the constitution and the high interests of the country, the consequences of this illegal “action would lie on their shoulder and senior authorities of the government”.

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