Received a Total of 1700 Complaints Regarding Elections So Far: IECC

In a press conference held in Kabul, IECC spokesperson Ali Reza Rohani, briefed about the various happenings of the elections that began yesterday and are due to end today.

Speaking about the complaints, the spokesperson pointed out that the IECC has received more than a thousand reports over electoral issues in Kabul alone, and thousands of others from rest of the areas in Afghanistan, thus increasing the number of grievances during voting. The total number of complaints lodged with IECC amount to 1700 which is the highest number as per IECC, and may still increase as elections are yet to conclude in all places.

The silver lining amidst the grievances was the participation of women was impressive.

Regarding the voting that is taking place today, it was acknowledged that absence of voter registration lists persists as an issue even today.
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Another problem is that of delay in the opening of polling centres. Finally, biometric issues still linger as it was informed by the IECC spokesperson that several devices were not working in some centres of Kabul as well as other provinces.

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