Registration Of Cases Of Violence Against Women Has Doubled In The First Quarter Of The Fiscal Year

In the first quarter of the fiscal year 1398, 1106 cases of violence against women was registered in 34 provinces of the country.
Meanwhile, the Attorney General has dealt with 2107 cases during the entire fiscal year 1397, of which only 561 cases were handled in the first quarter of the same year. According to the provided figures, during the first quarter, the number of cases increased to 545 as compared to the first quarter of the last year.
These cases include rape, forced prostitution, recording the identity of the victims, burning or use of chemicals, pesticides or other harmful substances, injuries and disabilities resulting to death, beating, selling and buying a woman for the purpose or on the pretext of marriage, marrying girls to a previous foe (Bad Dadan), compulsory marriage, denial of the right to marriage, underage marriage, insulting, humiliating and intimidation, harassment, compulsory isolation, prohibition from inheritance and the prohibition of confiscation in property.
Among those cases, “beating” with 519 cases shows the utmost type of violence against women.

Establishing Eliminating Violence against Women (EVAW) offices in 34 provinces of Afghanistan and increasing the presence of women in the organizational chart of the Attorney General from 3% to more than 20% is one of the grounds for women’s access to justice.
In addition, the Attorney General has appointed a woman as a Deputy for the Attorney General for Elimination of Violence against Women and Child Abuse, 13 women as directors of various directorates and 32 women prosecutors on provincial prosecution offices.
The leadership of the Attorney General’s Office has been able to re-activate nearly 60 prosecutors’ offices at the district level, which had been inactive for eight to ten years.
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The AGO strives to address all registered citizens’ cases as soon as possible and with full transparency, with due consideration of the gender issue.
As the Attorney General’s Office believes that it supports and defends the rights and freedoms of the people in terms of its legal approach to justice, it also prioritizes the issue of violence against women at the top of its agenda.

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