Saleh: Automobile Stores In Qarabagh, Parwan Districts To Be Inspected

First Vice President Amrullah Saleh in a detailed Facebook post on Thursday, said that automobile stores in Qarabagh and Parwan districts of Kabul will be inspected because it is believed that many stolen cars end up there and are sold after being re-painted.

Saleh, who took charge of Kabul city’s security, said that during a security meeting, it was also decided that the killing of two policemen in the Shinah Bridge area will be investigated and the killers will be brought to justice.

He noted that owners of demolished buildings have been given a deadline to clean the debris, otherwise the construction material will be removed and then sold by the government to recover the cost.

The vice president also said that photos of fugitive criminals have been shared with district lawyers who have a tangible role in “narrowing” down the offender’s location.

He assured that the list was prepared with the cooperation of the people and all the detainees will be arrested with material proof for their cases.

Saleh said that they had noted 90% fewer undocumented vehicles on the roads but stressed that this was not enough. He added that those who violated the order, their vehicles were seized, and the police are now using it for patrols.

He said that people want security and unlicensed vehicles were one of the reasons for high crime rates.

He also described the municipality’s work and said they were destroying encroachments and had prepared a list of buildings without permit and sent them warnings.

Saleh also asked people to work with the government and not against the security personnel.

“Opposition to the government and spreading rumours against the government and defamation of institutions is cooperation with the enemy. Avoid it.”

Continued crimes in Kabul

It has been almost a week since the First Vice President took over security of Kabul city, but targeted assassinations and mobile phone thefts continue.

In the past few days, Kabul has witnessed several targeted assassinations, including that of Lemar Khalil, the former Anti-Narcotics Commander of the Kabul Police Command, who was killed near his home.

Saleh said that Khalil’s death was directly related to an influential drug ring he had uncovered.

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