Saleh: Have Evidence To Identify, Arrest Taliban Collaborators Of Kabul University Attack

Two days after the deadly terrorist attack on the Law Faculty of Kabul University, first Vice President Amrullah Saleh said that evidence showed the attack was pre-planned and the Taliban are the perpetrators.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, Saleh said discussions were held about the Taliban attack on the university and they found that it was “unquestionably” similar to the August 2016 attack on the American University where attackers stormed the campus using a truck bomb and automatic weapons.

The Kabul University attack was similar to the January 2018 Taliban attack on the Inter-Continental Hotel where gunmen armed with light weapons and rocket-propelled grenades stormed the compound and opened fire, while also taking hostages.

Saleh said the attack also held similarities to the attack on Sardar Mohammad Daud Kan military hospital, also known as the “400-bed hospital” in March 2017, which was claimed by the Taliban.

“The terrorists involved in planning those attacks are from the Haqqani network, from the Taj Mir Jawad branch,” he said. “Haqqani network is one of the branches of the Taliban and Jawad has been living in Pakistan since 2002.”

“The judgment that Taliban committed the crime against the students is not politically motivated, but based on intelligence documents,” he said.

Saleh assured that Jawad’s photos and those of the collaborators will be posted around the capital. Photos of even those who have been arrested will be shared for people to “fight for the blood of their loved ones.”

He added that by using the evidence left at the crime scene, they were able to identify and arrest the accomplices of the terrorists.

“You will be informed of the details at the right time,” he said.

The Islamic State (Daesh) had claimed responsibility for the Kabul University attack on Monday that, according to official figures, killed 22 and wounded 22 others. However, sources told Reuters that up to 35 people were killed while over 50 were wounded. Most of the victims were students.

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