Saleh: Taliban Consider Ceasefire As Their ‘Political Death’

First Vice President Amrullah Saleh said the Taliban is continuing their bloodshed and indiscriminate killings as they consider a ceasefire to be their “political death.”

Writing on Facebook on Monday, Saleh said the main reason for the increase in the Taliban’s “absurd and bloody attacks” was the misunderstanding of the group, revealing their “ignorance” regarding the political developments in and around Afghanistan.

“The Taliban are underestimating the national will and have launched many attacks with the wrong perception of the peace process,” Saleh writes.

He once again called the group a tool for “securing the interests of the neighbour” to control Afghanistan, without paying heed to the people of the nation.

“They attack like locusts and die like locusts, as if they were robots in the human body,” he wrote.

Saleh claimed that there has been an upswing in popular resistance in many part of Afghanistan where Taliban violence has risen.

“The Taliban will not reap any strategic or political benefits from this bloodshed because violence as a political tool is hated and rejected,” he remarked.

The first vice president also said the “unfortunately” Afghanistan will experience another crisis before the mentality based on murder and genocide is broken.

However, Saleh called the defeat of the Taliban “inevitable” because, he argues, that it is not possible to impose the Taliban method on the people and the pluralistic society of Afghanistan by force.

“The Taliban have no political agenda that the people can rely on,” he states.

He stressed that even after 25 years of bearing arms, and because of “Rawalpindi’s [Pakistan] greed,” no central “charismatic” figure has emerged as a leader.

The Taliban lack the “charisma and charm” to lead, Saleh said and pointed that the plans of the militant group are based on keeping the society in “darkness and ignorance” so that they can secure their proxy rule.

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