Saleh: Urban Discipline Will Be Established In Kabul After 28 Years

Continuing his Facebook posts on security in Kabul city, First Vice President Amrullah Saleh identified 12 new security issues and said that the responsibility for securing public facilities will be gradually transferred to the public protection forces, with the police returning to their primary duties.

“Police are regularly removed from their paramilitary duties and the military checkpoints in the mountains around the city are handed over to the Ministry of Defence,” he wrote on Tuesday.

The vice president also re-established “zamrak” organisations in schools to “build character” of the young generation and establish a “defined relationship” between the youth and the police. Zamraks are voluntary organisations which students can join with the parent’s permission.

He added that, according to him zamraks do not need additional facilities and costs and are part of mobilising society and strengthening motivation.

He said such “customs” will allow the police to save schools from drugs, stabbings and harassments.

His fourth mandate was for parks and green areas to be liberated from land grabbers and encroachers. The sidewalks are already being cleared by the municipality.

Saleh also stated that a unit for analysis of social information will be created to connect the “islands of information” and circulate them digitally as required.

“Urban discipline is being re-established in stages for the first time in 28 years. Urban discipline does not require any new facilities or additions,” he wrote.

He said that a list and photos of thieves, extortionists, harassers, fugitives and land grabbers, has been shared with the people’s representatives and lawyers.

“Negative disclosure” is one of the strategies to narrow the field to the criminal, according to him.

Similarly, he also said that no police chief in uniform can attend parties. “The power and dignity of the uniform must be restored and strengthened.”

He also said that the police can only be summoned for reporting and investigating crimes and incidents, not on someone’s verbal orders. He added that the police are only responsible for their own defined structure and head, and no outsider can command them.

Saleh said that the coordination between the Kabul governor, the Kabul National Directorate of Security, the municipality, the police and public institutions has now become a daily reality.

In the end, he reiterated that only a “strong government can protect each person’s dignity.”

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