Save the Children ‘Appalled’ By Blast in Ghazni That Killed Many Children

Save the Children says it is appalled and sickened that so many children have been killed in the recent explosion in Ghazni province.

In a press release on Saturday, Save the Children reacted to the Friday’s explosion in Ghazni province in which at least 15 children killed.

“Sadly, conflict related child deaths and injuries are far too common in Afghanistan. In our recent report Stop the War on Children we revealed that between 2005 and 2019, at least 26,025 children have been killed or maimed in Afghanistan – an average of five children every single day over the past 14 years,” Save the Children’s Country Director in Afghanistan Chris Nyamandi said.

“Four decades of conflict in Afghanistan has had a devastating impact on the lives of children and young people. Their education has been heavily disrupted, and many have been maimed or killed by explosive weapons or attacks on schools and other places of learning,” Mr. Chris Nyamandi added.

According to the press release, Save the Children called for all parties to the conflict to agree lasting and enduring peace so that future generations of Afghan children can grow up in a country free of violence and fear.

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