Security and Other Preparations for Elections seem to be in Full Swing, but Threats Still Linger

In a press conference held on Wednesday, Interior Minister Barmak assured that the security measures and provisions are well in place for the upcoming elections on 20th October.

Mr Barmak also added that as many as 5070 polling stations will be open and operational for election process on the election day across the country.

Corroborating to the confirmation of various preparations for elections, in a press conference, an IEC spokesperson informed that a massive human resource of “125,000 have been recruited and trained for elections.”
The spokesperson also warned that anyone indulging in fraudulent activities would be prosecuted if found guilty.

However, the IEC Spokesperson also clarified that there might be smaller hiccups in the usage of biometric technology for elections as the technology is being used in the region for the first time.

On Tuesday, Elham Omar Hotaki, the Director General of National Procurement Authority (NPA) said in a statement that it is with full confirmation he is assuring of Afghanistan having purchased twenty-two thousand biometric kits from Germany.

This comes after certain issues have been raised with respect to security, transparency and fairness in the elections. Security has indeed been a huge challenge as 10 candidates have already lost their lives by the virtue of merely competing in the upcoming elections, and many others have barely survived assaults and attacks on.

Even voters have been subjected to violence. Worse still, the Taliban issued two statements in which they have stated an indirect warning against participation in elections.
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On Wednesday, they issued their statement directed at teachers and officials of educational institutes like schools or colleges or any academy. The statement ‘ordered’ the officials and teachers to refrain from providing support systems and services for elections, adding that “Taliban does not want civilian casualties”.

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