Sediqqi: Taliban Holding 1,000 Security Forces Prisoners May Be Untrue

Following the release of prisoners, presidential spokesperson Seddiq Seddiqi said that the Taliban’s claim that they held 1,000 members of the security forces, may be incorrect.

Sediqqi addressed a news conference on Tuesday and said around 600 prisoners had been released by the Taliban so far, 175 of whom were civilians and 75 were members of People’s Uprising Forces.

He said he had doubts that the Taliban actually has 1000 security forces as prisoners and would be able to meet their commitments which clearly stated the release the Afghan government prisoners.

The spokesperson said that the Afghan government had released almost 4,200 Taliban prisoners.

Sediqqi also said, the government is shifting the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF) to a defensive position, since the Taliban was still violent and this was important for the government to start the intra-Afghan talks.

The Taliban’s unwillingness to reduce violence and release government prisoners showed that the group does not want to start the peace dialogues, Sediqqi surmised.

He once again, called on the Taliban to end the war and enter into direct talks with the Afghan government.

Sediqqi said the judiciary is working on the issue of the 592 Taliban prisoners whom the government had refused to release but the group insisted, with Taliban political office spokesperson Suhail Shaheen tweeting that the prisoners must be released in accordance to the group’s initial list.

The Taliban have called for the only way to reduce violence is to complete the release of their prisoners.

“Our expectation from the Taliban is that they seize the opportunity for peace to enter into direct talks,” he said.

Reacting to the increase in civilian casualties, the presidential spokesman said the Taliban had turned the villages into strongholds.

The government of Afghanistan announced they would be implementing a Security Pact programme that would mobilize people across provinces to effectively eradicate insecurity and crime while working alongside the police, national security, army and several civilian entities.

Attention has been paid to districts which are especially vulnerable to the Taliban and more forces will be allocated there, Sediqqi said.

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