Senators Call For an End to Country’s Political Tensions

Afghan Senators at the Upper House of the Parliament held a special session on Sunday where they warned that the country will face more challenges, the crisis will deepen and militants will benefit from the situation if the political tensions between President Ghani and his political opponent Abdullah Abdullah remain unsolved.

The senators summoned security officials to the house to provide a brief on the security situation, but the officials did not attend.

Next, the topic of fighting against the coronavirus and the ways to end the standoff between the two leaders topped the agenda of the lawmakers, who called on Ghani and Abdullah to agree on an inclusive government.

The tensions remain unsolved despite political negotiations between Ghani and Abdullah’s team. Afghan political leaders have also taken the steps to hold meetings with both sides, but the expected results are yet to be seen.
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Ghani has proposed the leadership of the High Council of Peace and Reconciliation to Abdullah, but Abdullah’s aides have said they have their own plan for ending the political rift.

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