Serial Explosions of Power Pylons in Afghanistan: Two Electricity Pylons Blow Up in Parwan

Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS), the State-run utility firm announced that two other power pylons were blown up in Parwan province on Monday night.

DABS officials said that the militants attempted to destroy the pylons in Gul Ghondi area near the Parwan governor’s office.

“The foundation legs of towers destroyed in three points but the power poles were not destroyed and a technical team has been sent to the area,” the DABS officials said.

This comes as the militants attempted to cut the supply of electricity to Kabul in Chemtala area late on Sunday, destroying three three of the four foundation legs of the tower.

The anti-government armed militants also destroyed a transmission tower in capital Kabul last Sunday and disrupted the supply of electricity to the capital.

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