Several Ministries & Independent Bodies Not Optimising Budgetary Usage: Ministry of Finance Finding

The House of Representatives (Wolesi Jirga) in their session on Saturday expressed that all those ministries which have spent less than 70% of their development budgets shall be ‘impeached’.
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The members also proposed that independent institutions will be introduced to the Attorney General’s Office.

In more than eleven months of the fiscal year, government agencies have spent only a total 67% of their development budgets; while some institutions use more than 70% and others fall below seventy percent, it was found.

The estimates from the Ministry of Finance show that 11 ministries and 9 independent institutions had spent even less than 70% of their development budgets in the fiscal year. These were: Ministries of Justice, Information and Culture, Energy and Water, Higher Education, Borders and Tribal Affairs, Immigrants and Repatriation, Education, Transport, Economy, Telecommunications, and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Independent institutions with the same issue include the Kabul Municipality, Administrative Office of the President, the Supreme Court, Independent Human Rights Commission, Independent Land Authority, National Environmental Protection Agency, High Office of Oversight and Anti-Corruption, the Supreme Audit Office, the Academy of Sciences, and the Afghanistan National Standards Authority.

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