Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan ‘Concerned’ About Future of Freedom of Expression

Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan has raised concern about the future of the right to freedom of expression and the rights of independent media in the country.

The body has pointed that it is worried that the outcome of the peace talks would be to restrict, suspend, or remove parts of the right to freedom of expression, “No process should lead to restricting the activities of the free media, or end up in the collapse of the greatest achievement of the past seventeen years in the country.”

Nai therefore made some suggestions for the negotiating parties for the Afghan peace talks:

Firstly, freedom of expression should be included as a “safeguarded value” in any document that is the result of peace talks.

Secondly, at the end of the process of peace talks, if peace is realized, there must be a clear guarantee for the protection of as well as support for freedom of expression and media for the Afghan media community.

Thirdly, media should be aware of the process of peace talks including details that do not detract from this process.

Moreover, killers of journalists and perpetrators of violence against journalists and the media should not be pardoned by concluding any peace agreement. Both the Afghan government and the parties involved must take this provision into consideration.
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