Taliban Claims To Have Arrested 7 Members of National Resistance Front in Kapisa


Guess what? The Taliban in Kapisa province has claimed that the group’s forces have arrested seven members of the National Resistance Front (NRF) in the province on Monday night.


Go deeper:

  • Abdul Fattah Faiz, a spokesman for the Taliban’s security command for Kapisa province, said that the men had been arrested on Monday night during separate operations in different districts of the province.
  • Faiz claimed that those arrested over the past year have launched military attacks against the Taliban in Kapisa province.
  • Local residents, however, said that a number of detainees were civilians and had no contact with any group.
  • The National Resistance Front has not yet commented on the incident.
  • Kapisa, adjacent to Panjshir, is one of the few provinces where anti-Taliban forces are present in parts of it and conduct military operations against the Taliban from time to time.


Meanwhile, in another development, Abdul Hamid Khorasani, the Taliban’s district chief of Ahmedabad in Paktia province, claimed that Akmal Amiri, a leading anti-Taliban commander, and eight members of the resistance forces have been killed in Shotul district of Panjshir province.

  • However, sources close to the National Resistance Front and the Afghanistan Freedom Front did not confirm that Amiri had been killed, but said that they had lost contact with him since Monday night.


Zoom out: Recently, the NRF announced that as part of their new year’s strategy they have begun conducting guerrilla operations against the Taliban.

  • Members of the Leadership of the National Resistance Front live outside Afghanistan, and the front’s military operations against the Taliban are mostly guerrilla in nature. However, Taliban too have retaliated with arbitrary arrests and detentions of former security forces members and civilians in districts where there is a concentration of these anti-Taliban forces.
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