Taliban Halts Intra-Afghan Talks: Dr. Abdullah

The chairman of High Council for National Reconciliation announced that the Taliban had halted the intra-Afghan talks in Doha.

Speaking at a meeting on the occasion of the inauguration of the Media and Public Awareness Commission of the HCNR on Tuesday, Mr. Abdullah said: “There are no negotiations going on now.”

Abdullah expressed hope that the Taliban would end the current situation and come back to the negotiating table.

He also called on Qatar, the United States and other influential countries in the Afghan peace process to encourage the Taliban to continue negotiations.

According to him, no decision can be made behind the scenes, and the Taliban can put whatever they want on the table.

The chairman of HCNR has denied allegations by some members of the Taliban’s negotiating team that the government’s negotiating team does not have full authority to negotiate.

He stressed that the negotiating team has been given full authority to consult with the Taliban on the agenda.

Abdullah Abdullah also pointed out to the issue of an interim government.

He stated that despite the interest of a number of politicians in the country in formation of an interim government, he personally does not find the issue useful.

According to him, no experience in the world has shown that with the advent of an interim government, peace will be achieved.

According to Abdullah, peace must be decided by the people, and this goal is possible only through negotiations.

The chairman of HCNR also spoke about the escalation of violence in Afghanistan.

He said the message that if one side is not willing to let people live comfortably for a month, two or three months in the absence of war and fire, it means that there is no belief in peace.

Dr. Abdullah’s remarks come as no official meeting has been held between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban in Doha for several weeks. Since the start of the second round of talks, only three formal meetings have been held between the two sides.

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