Taliban Intelligence Directorate Officials Arrest Local Journalist in Badakhshan


The latest: Local sources in Badakhshan province reported that the Taliban officials have arrested local journalist Abdul Raziq Azimi.


Go deeper:

  • Sources said that Taliban intelligence department officials arrested Azimi two days ago and transferred him to an unknown location.
  • According to sources, Abdul Raziq Azimi has worked as a journalist at a radio outlet in the past, but had been unemployed ever since the Taliban came to power in August 2021.
  • So far, the motive behind the arrest of the local journalist is unknown.
  • The Taliban officials have not commented on it yet.


Zoom out: One has to remember that with Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, a large number of journalists have been forced to flee to neighbouring and European countries due to security issues. Taliban, by pressuring the media in Afghanistan, have made journalistic work difficult. Taliban have been trying to censor news and reports that contradict their theories.

  • In fact, Nai had stated that violence against journalists has increased under the Taliban regime and at least 30 cases of violence against journalists has been recorded in less than three months of this year.
  • Last month, sources in Baghlan had reported that the Taliban intelligence officials arrested three local journalists, Ghulam Ali Wahdat, reporter of private TV “Tanveer” and Safiullah Wafa and Noor Agha, reporters of RTA TV, the national television, in the province.
  • Then in February, Taliban intelligence directorate officials arrested Qudratullah Noori, a local journalist, from an area near his house in Jabal al-Saraj district of Parwan province.
  • Earlier, Mortaza Behboudi, a Franco-Afghan journalist had been unduly detained in Kabul, who is still in Taliban custody.
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