Taliban Replaces UAE’s Consul General of Afghanistan With Group’s Diplomat in Dubai


Guess what? The Taliban’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has dismissed Massoud Ahmad Azizi, the Consul General of Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, through a letter dated March 12, stating that his tenure in office has come to an end.


Go deeper:

  • The Taliban have appointed Abdul Rahman Fida, director general of the foreign ministry’s protocol, to the next appointment as acting director at the Afghan Consular General in the United Arab Emirates.
  • According to the letter, the Taliban official started his work after March 12.
  • Massoud Ahmad Azizi is one of the diplomats of the Republican regime who had continued his duties so far.
  • If the UAE approves its agreement to oversee the Taliban’s diplomats, the UAE will also join a number of other countries in the region that will delegate Afghanistan’s political and consular representation to the group’s representatives without recognizing the Taliban.


Back story: In recent weeks, the Taliban has also taken over the leadership of the Afghan embassy in Tehran.

  • Earlier, the Taliban had dismissed four Afghan consulate employees in Turkey too. And, Russia and China had also accepted Taliban members as diplomats and acting political and consul representatives of Afghanistan.
  • These countries cannot officially give credentials to Taliban ambassadors because they do not recognize the Taliban. However, in order to continue trading with the Taliban government, they have accepted the group’s representatives at Afghan embassies and consulates. The Taliban’s Foreign Ministry has dismissed Massoud Ahmad Azizi, the Afghan consul general in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and appointed someone else to replace him.


Zoom out: This comes even as the Taliban-run administration has neither internal legitimacy nor international recognition. So far, no single country in the world has recognized the Taliban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan.

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