Taliban Threatens to Attack Election Rallies, Asks People to Avoid Participation

The Taliban released a statement calling the democratic process of elections in Afghanistan as “deceiving“. It has asked people to stay away from gathering so they don’t become “potential targets”, possibly signalling that they could attack on any rallies of presidential candidates.

As most Afghans look forward to the presidential elections to exercise their voting and political rights, which are equal for all, the Taliban in their statement reason that Afghanistan has been “occupied by foreign forces and all affairs of the country are in their control including the funding, management, monitoring and final decision of this process and as foreign embassies in Kabul frequently interject and give instructions”.

They claim that the election process is nothing more than a “ploy” to deceive the common people as ultimate decision making power lies with foreign nations. Taliban’s statement also talked about negotiations that are underway to bring an end to the occupation and arrangements for intra-Afghan understanding, that is, the US-Taliban talks.

Disturbingly, the Taliban has promised “utmost prevention” of a fully democratic process like elections and has encouraged people to boycott the process and not partake in any campaign rallies.

This statement of Taliban comes just after US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad announced on Twitter that he has concluded 8th round of talks with Taliban in Doha.

“Building on excellent progress in Kabul last week, I’ve spent the last few days in Doha, focused on the remaining issues in completing a potential deal with the Taliban that would allow for a conditions-based troop withdrawal. We have made excellent progress”, he said.

Mr Khalilzad also informed that he will now travel to Delhi for pre-scheduled meetings to further build international consensus in support of the Afghan Peace Process.

He conceded that his team & Taliban representatives will continue to discuss technical details as well as steps and mechanisms required for a succesful implementation of the four-part agreement they’ve been working toward since his appointment, “Agreement on these details is essential”.

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