Terrorist Caught in Afghanistan Earlier This Month Was IS Recruiter in Jammu, Kashmir

The Indian media outlets released the details of one of the most wanted Indian terrorist who was arrested by the Afghan security forces during an operation recently.

Remaining in the Wanted List of the Indian forces for almost two decades, Aijaz Ahmad Ahangar, originally hailing from Nawa Kadal of downtown Srinagar in Jammu and Kashir, was recently arrested by the Afghan intelligence operatives during a raid which also led to the arrest of ISIS Khurasan leader, Aslam Farooqi.

Ahangar had been a wanted man in Jammu and Kashmir for more than two decades who was arrested once for terror links and released, sometimes in 1990s, according to Hindustan Times.

He identified himself as Ali Mohammad, claiming that he was a resident of Islamabad, while being interrogated by the National Directorate of Security (NDS), the intelligence agency of Afghanistan.

Counter terrorism operatives in Delhi and Kabul told the Hindustan Times that it was much later they discovered that the April 4 raid had also netted Aijaz Ahangar, the 55-year-old chief recruiter of the Islamic State Jammu & Kashmir. “It was a surprise,” said an Afghan watcher.

Ahangar joined the ISIS Khurasan, the offshoot of the Islamic State terror group in Afghanistan, after a brief association with the Al Qaeda terrorist network.

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