Terrorists Must Be Deprived Of Safe Havens, Global & Regional Cooperation Necessary, Says CE Abdullah

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, while addressing the 5th summit of heads of state and government on Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA) in Tajikistan on Saturday, stressed the need for regional and global cooperation on fighting terrorism and expressed that terrorists should be deprived of having access to safe havens.

Dr Abdullah said that terrorists should also be deprived of “tools and facilities for terror activities” adding that the threats coming from terrorism are still among the biggest challenges for Afghanistan and the region on general.

Abdullah said that regional cooperation is a must for security and prosperity in the region, saying that “We should thoroughly address the challenge of poverty, population increase, climate change, corruption, armed conflicts, violent extremism, drug smuggling, weapons smuggling and the threat of terrorism”.

Dr Abdullah also said that Afghanistan is making utmost efforts in the quest for peace, expressing that “We want peace and we recognize the importance of peace not only for our country but for the region and beyond”.
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CE Abdullah arrived in Tajikistan on Friday for the CICA conference.

CICA membership covers about 90 percent of the territory and population of Asia. It has another 8 states and 5 international organizations, including the UN, with observer status. CICA membership would further enhance Sri Lanka’s bilateral, economic and trade cooperation as well as people to people contacts with the other CICA Member States, the PMD said.

CICA is different from other security mechanisms which are commonly dominated by superpowers, says the PMD. It has the characteristics of an “Asian initiative,” which values equality among members, and is led by small countries, according to the PMD.

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