The High Advisory Board on Peace to be Launched

“Based on the decree of the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in order to establish a national understanding for the establishment of a lasting peace in the country through consultation and discussion with jihadi, political and social elites and elders, and various sections of society, the High Advisory Board on Peace will be launched chaired by the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan”, a statement by presidential palace confirmed.

The statement also added that the board will have the task of partnering with the leadership of the Afghan government to make constructive and necessary consultations, review the proposals of the Committees, and, if necessary, share their views on the preparation of the negotiation framework for the negotiating team. It also has the task of overseeing the process of peace negotiations.

The negotiating team, headed by the president’s chief of staffs, is committed to advancing the negotiation process on behalf of the Government of Afghanistan under the guidance of the High advisory board and reporting to the board on the progress of the peace process.

Meetings of this board will be attended by National Unity Government leadership, houses of National Assembly, the chief justice, the National Security Advisor, Director General of Administrative Office of the President, the Attorney General, NDS chief, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs, IDLG head, head of Ulema Council and the Head of the High Peace Council secretariat. The National Security Council will be responsible for the secretariat of the board.

In order to get the views of the various sections of the public and more people’s awareness on how peace talks progress, the following committees will be formed:
Committee of Political Parties Representatives, committee of the representatives of the Ulema and clerics, Committee of Elite Women, Committee of Peoples’ leaders and Representatives,Committee of Civil and Cultural Activists, Committee of Private Sector, Committee of Representatives of Refugees and Afghans residing abroad, Committee of Youth Representatives, and Committee of Representatives of the war victims Families.

These committees are responsible for collecting and analyzing the views of the people and informing them of the progress of the peace process, the statement reads.

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