Three Taliban Members Killed, 4 Injured As Afghan Freedom Front Attacks Checkpost in Kabul

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The latest: In an attack apparently launched by the Afghan Freedom Front, at least three Taliban members had been killed and four others were wounded in Kabul on Friday night.


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  • The attack occurred at a Taliban checkpoint at the Spin Kelly crossroads in Kabul’s Fifth District.
  • The Afghan Freedom Front released a video stating that their fighters were behind the attack and that their men remained unharmed.
  • The Taliban had stated that two people were only wounded in an explosion in the area, said Khalid Zadran, a spokesman for the Taliban’s security command for Kabul.
  • The Taliban have not commented on the front’s claim, however, the group’s police forces have gone to the place for investigation, Zadran said.


Zoom out: Over the past two days, this is the second explosion in Kabul city. Yesterday, an explosion occurred in Khoshal Khan area, a district 5 of Kabul city’s security district, where the Taliban said no one was harmed in the incident.

  • During the last week, security has deteriorated, and Islamic State Khorasan has intensified its attacks in the country.
  • A suicide bombing on Thursday claimed the lives of the Taliban governor of Balkh in the northern province of Afghanistan and two others.
  • In addition, three people were killed, and three others were wounded in the Herat Western province of Afghanistan, including the General Director of water supply and water pipes regulation.
  • The Islamic State claimed responsibility for killing the Balkh governor and the General Director of Herat’s water supply in separate statements on Thursday.
  • Recently, the Taliban government also increased its operations against Islamic State Khorasan hideouts. In a recent operation in Kunar province of Afghanistan, Abu Osman, ISIS-Indian “emir”, was killed with several other IS-K militants in Kabul.
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