Trump: US Has Had Enough Of 19 Years In Afghanistan

The United States has had enough of 19 years in Afghanistan, said President Donald Trump as he addressed an election rally in North Carolina on Wednesday, and reiterated that the American troops are coming back from the war-torn nation.

Trump has repeatedly said that he wants all U.S. troops home from the “endless wars” being fought in foreign nations.

“We never had anything like it – and sacrificing American blood and treasure in endless foreign wars in countries that you’ve never even heard of. And they’re all coming back. You know that, right? I hope nobody objects,” Trump told his supporters.

He said that in Afghanistan, the U.S. forces’ role has been of policing.

“I think 19 years in Afghanistan is enough, wouldn’t you say? We’re like a police force over there. We have the greatest soldiers in the world, but over there we’re like a police force. 19 years is enough.”

He added, “You think it’s easy getting out with all the military-industrial complex, right? The military – beware the military-industrial complex. They are right but we are all coming home, they are all coming home.”

Earlier this month, Trump had announced that he wanted all troops back home by the end of the year. While Pentagon tried to sort the confusion, his administration announced that they will abide by the Doha agreement timeframe and troops will only be down to 2,500 by early next year.

However, the U.S. Permanent Representative to NATO, Kay Bailey Hutchison, said at a virtual briefing on Wednesday, that they will continue to consult with allies and have decided to go down to a lower number – 4,500 American troops, in addition to the approximately 6,000 allied troops.

“Going forward, we will be looking at conditions on the ground to determine if there is a capability to draw down more troops, which we all would hope that conditions would allow us to do that. But certainly, the conditions have not been met at this time,” she said.

She reassured that further reduction will depend on the conditions being met.

“We are very concerned with the violence that the Taliban has been producing in violation of the spirit of the agreement they made with the U.S., if not the letter of that agreement,” she said. “We are calling for a ceasefire or a significant reduction in violence, which we have not seen.”

“And we call on the Taliban to reduce that violence so that the conditions can be met, which is what all of us would like so that Afghans can decide for themselves how they can live together in peace and be at peace with their neighbours and assure that no terrorist groups would be able to grow in their country and be a cancer on their country and be exported to NATO allies. That’s our goal and we are going to support the Afghan process to achieve that goal.”

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