UK: Strong, Unified Gov’t Is Vital At This Critical Time For Afghanistan

The United Kingdom (UK) on Wednesday welcomed the agreement between Afghanistan leaders on forming an inclusive government.

A statement issued by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) London said.
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The FCO Minister for South Asia Lord Ahmad Tariq of Wimbledon while commenting on the agreement said, “I welcome the agreement between Afghan leaders on forming an inclusive government”.

Lord Tariq said that a strong and unified government was vital at this critical time for Afghanistan.

“There is a real opportunity to end decades of conflict, the devastating impact of which has been brought into focus by recent attacks, and a need to slow the spread of COVID-19 throughout the country. As ever, the UK is ready to support the Government of Afghanistan as they face these challenges”, he remarked.

The UK FCO Minister for South Asia further said that the Afghan people expect their leaders to follow through on their commitments and to continue to adhere to the principles of good governance, rule of law, human rights and justice.

“For the benefit of all Afghans, I urge Afghanistan’s leaders to build upon this agreement, set aside their differences and work together constructively to tackle the challenges facing the country”, he said.

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