UK Vows To Fast-Track Sanctuary In The Country For Afghan Translators

Kabul: There is new hope for Afghans as UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has vowed to fast-track sanctuary in the UK for translators who helped foreign troops on the battlefield.

To protect those who served with British forces, the criteria dictating who qualifies to relocate has also been widened, giving fresh optimism to many hoping for a new life.
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For the first time, at least 30 interpreters who worked with UK troops, but who were not directly employed by the Ministry of Defence, have been told they are likely to be granted sanctuary, as per reports of The Daily Mail.

This group is set to include around 15 who worked for a Special Forces unit that recruited interpreters directly and those working with British troops employed through a private company. They had feared they would not qualify. In another first, some interpreters whose service was terminated by UK forces for minor reasons will be approved for relocation.

More than 1,000 interpreters had their service terminated without any entitlement to appeal. As many as 260 of these could qualify for sanctuary. Interpreters welcomed the amendments as a ‘major step forward and concession.

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