UN OCHA Report: Key Driver of Humanitarian Needs in Afghanistan is Displacement from Conflict and Natural Disasters

UN OCHA released a snapshot of the Population Movements of Afghanistan from January to May of 2019.

It was found by OCHA that in 2019, one of the main drivers of humanitarian needs in Afghanistan is displacement due to conflict and natural disasters. More than 132,200 people have left their villages this year due to fighting.

Many of these people remain displaced across the country, as conflict prevents them from returning to their areas of origin.

In fact, an estimated 171,000 of the 245,000 displaced in 2018 primarly due to drought in the Western region are yet to return home. In addition to this, close to 210,000 people have returned to Afghanistan from Pakistan and Iran in 2019.

While the number of newly displaced people or returnees from neighbouring countries in the first five months of 2019 is lower compared to the same period in 2018, it is likely to increase in the coming months. The 2019 Humanitarian Needs Overview estimates that close to a million people on the move would need humanitarian assistance by the end of the year.

Out of the total 132,000 IDPs, 21% are adult male, 21% are adult female and a majority 58% are children under 15. Among the returnees from Iran, out of the 198,000, 43% are adult male, 14% are adult female, and 43% are children under 15. Finally,out of the 11,500 returnees from Pakistan, 35% are adult male, 22% are adult female while majority of 43% are children under 15.

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