UN Urges Electoral Authorities to Maintain Transparency and Integrity in Operations, Stick to Timetable

With elections in Kandahar having ended on Saturday, the UNAMA released a press statement on Sunday to address certain matters.
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The statement began with UNAMA saying that they “urge the country’s electoral authorities to safeguard the integrity and transparency of the electoral process, especially concerning vote counting, as well as the tabulation and announcement of results.”

The UN Mission had also requested electoral authorities to stick to a timetable and preferably not delay the Presidential elections that are supposed to take place in 2019.

“In view of the challenging security environment in which the elections took place, the UN commends the many Afghans for their participation and recognizes the expectations citizens now have that the electoral authorities will ensure that their votes are counted and that any fraudulent ballots will be weeded out,” the statement added.

UNAMA also acknowledged and commended “the extensive preparations and efforts of the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces with regard to the elections.”

However, UNAMA also pointed out that it has to be admitted that there were shortcomings in the operations during elections which the body hopes would be worked up by the authorities. Regarding security and threats, the statement said that “All Afghan authorities and actors – including political parties, the government, candidates and security institutions –should oppose threats or disruption to the electoral process. Any citizen suspecting or witnessing fraud or irregularities should channel complaints through the relevant Afghan authorities, especially the Electoral Complaints Commission.”

The statement also commented on how Ghazni is the only province which whose parliamentary elections are yet to take place and has clarified that they know a process and dialogue is in place to come to an agreement regarding a date for the elections there.

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