United Sikhs Work on Urgent Timetable to Save Afghan Sikhs as IS-K Impose 10-Day Ultimatum to Leave Afghanistan

This week, the Islamic State group imposed a 10-day ultimatum for all Sikhs to leave Afghanistan.

This comes in the wake of a recent attack on a Sikh house of worship in Kabul, which left 25 dead, along with one gunman.

The Sikh population living in Afghanistan remains the most targeted, forcing many to flee to other countries to seek refuge.

Afghanistan has historically been home to hundreds of thousands of Sikhs for centuries.

The Sikh population has dwindled to barely one thousand, made up of less than 300 families, with only few operating Gurdwaras across the country, including Gurdwara Guru Hai Rai in Kabul, the site of the most recent attack.

The United Sikhs Position is a global humanitarian non-profit organization dedicated to saving lives, alleviating suffering and maintaining human dignity around the globe to answer the plea of Sikhs living in terror, with entry into these countries via protected asylum.

For decades Sikhs have been at the forefront and vibrant members of these countries and have contributed richly as citizens.

The United Sikhs immediately delivered funding to the families of those killed and injured along with releasing funds ready to be disbursed for passport fees and will help in expediting the rescue of Sikhs seeking asylum.

With the 10-day ultimatum imposed by the Islamic State; there is little to zero protection from the horrors Sikhs will endure if they do not find immediate refuge Below is the detailed timeline of United Sikhs efforts to save the lives of Afghan Sikhs.

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