Upper House: Khalilzad & Taliban Focus on Their Interests in Peace Talks

The Speaker of Afghan Senate which is the Upper House of Afghanistan expressed that in peace talks, US Special Representative for Afghanistan reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad and Taliban have always focused on their own interests and if they talk about Afghanistan, Khalilzad doesnt share it with the people of Afghanistan and parliament.

azal Hadi Muslim Yar made the remarks in a general session of senate on Sunday and added that the parliament has approved a security treaty with the United States and has the right to know the process of peace talks.

He stressed that, the basis of US-Taliban talks should firstly be in interest of Afghanistan.

There have been 6 rounds of talks between Khalilzad and Taliban so far, while no official format Intra-Afghan talks have taken place.

Many politicians also feel that there are many problems with the peace talks between US and Taliban, some of them being a clear lack of participation by women, no actual representation of Afghan people, and inconclusive nature of the talks.

On Sunday, the Afghan High Peace Council also expressed that a lack of authority of the Taliban Negotiating Delegation and participation of Mullah Baradar has slowed down the peace process.

“Participation of Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar as head of Taliban Representatives in Qatar Office not only did not help peace talks, but the lack of authorities have increased than before”, Abdulrahman Salim, deputy of HPC said in a meeting in Kabul.

He added that, efforts to start direct talks between the government and Taliban is ongoing, and two rounds of talks in Qatar have signaled hopes for the start of the talks. In addition to commencement of Zalmay Khalilzad negotiations in Qatar, the Intra-Afghan talks will be hosted and held in Germany

Reports indicate that, the 7th round of talks of Taliban delegation with US representatives is scheduled to kick off in Doha, Qatar in 10 days.

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