Urge Pak to Stop Supporting Terror Groups, Taliban Enjoying Honeymoon Pakistani Soil: Prez Spokesperson

Sediq Sediqqi, Presidential Spokesperson has said that US special representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad will stay in Kabul to further discuss the peace process.

In a statement, Sediqqi said that progress has been made in determining the negotiating team and they hope to complete the negotiating team in the near future which will be compact and inclusive.

It was also noted that the Afghan government is committed to the peace process. “The Afghan people want the government to lead this process. Ending the conflict is a top priority for the Afghan Preside”, said the statement.

It was also assured that the peace process will not undershadow the election process as the election has its own calendar.

“We have not witnessed any action from Pakistan in relation to Afghan Peace yet. In the last 18 years, Pakistanis have always made commitments, but have never taken a step.Pakistani leaders have committed in the United States to change their policies towards Afghanistan. We hope Pakistan stops supporting the Taliban, and force the Taliban to join the peace process”, Sediqqi declared.

It was added that Taliban’s honeymoon must come to an end and that Taliban leaders staying on Qatar and Pakistan soil, continue to kill innocent people here in Afghanistan.

The statement called on the United States, and regional countries and allies to put pressure on the Taliban and their leaders in Qatar to stop the war and stop the killing of innocent people.

“Our only demand from Pakistan is to stop supporting the terrorist groups, especially the Taliban. If Pakistan is not able to do so in spite of its commitments to United States, the world should seriously notice this. We demand continued pressure on Pakistan”, conceded the statement.

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