US Airmen Conduct First Aeromedical Evacuation Mission Using Transport Isolation System

US Air Mobility Command aircrew and medical personnel conducted the first operational use of the Transport Isolation System, or TIS, to perform an aeromedical evacuation of three U.S. government contractors who tested positive for coronavirus, from Afghanistan to Ramstein Air Base, April 10. Upon arrival at Ramstein AB, the patients were transferred to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center for medical treatment.

The AE mission, REACH 725, marked the first operational use of the TIS since its development during the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and the first movement of COVID-19 positive patients aboard U.S. Air Force aircraft.

The TIS is an infectious disease containment unit designed to minimize risk to aircrew, medical attendants, and the airframe, while allowing medical care to be provided to patients in-flight.

REACH 725 was comprised of a full TIS force package, which includes one C-17 Globemaster III and aircrew carrying two TIS modules and medical support personnel, consisting of AE specialists, Critical Care Air Transport Team, or CCATT, members, infectious diseases doctors and technicians, and TIS operators.

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