US Ambassador to Afghanistan John Bass addresses Afghan Media, Calls Taliban’s Differing Statement Incompatible

On Wednesday, US Ambassador to Afghanistan John Bass, while speaking to the Afghan media remarked on the various happenings surrounding the electoral atmosphere.

Mr Bass began with how pleased he was to witness that Afghans as voters and candidates are bringing forth their determination to choose their leaders against all odds, “that tells me that the Afghan people very much want this opportunity to choose their leadership in parliament and that they are looking forward to having that freedom to choose on Saturday.”

He assured US’s support for the democratic processes in Afghanistan by saying “The United States is committed to working with all those in Afghan society who are trying to build a future in which Afghans have the opportunity to live in peace, with dignity and freedom.”

He also called out the hypocrisy of Taliban by saying “The Taliban says that it is committed to avoiding violence against civilians. We’ve seen them repeat that. And yet the Taliban is also saying that they are going to target elections. Those two statements are incompatible. If the Taliban are really serious about not targeting elections, or not targeting civilians, they should not target elections because elections are a central piece of what civilians in a democratic society participate in and they should be able to do so without fear of violence or intimidation or disruption.”

This comes after the Taliban has issued statements indirectly warning to disrupt the electoral process by targeting security forces.

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