US Congressmen Urge Pompeo To Ensure Safe Relocation Of Afghanistan’s Persecuted Hindus And Sikhs

As many as 26 United States Congressmen have urged Secretary of State Michael Pompeo to go all out and facilitate the “safe and expeditious relocation” of members of the Hindu and Sikh communities in Afghanistan, reports Asian News International.

Expressing worry over the safety of religious minorities in Afghanistan, in a letter dated 4 May, Congressman John Garamendi, the co-chair of Sikh Caucus, and 25 fellow Congressmen, wrote that Sikh community continues to be under ‘grave’ threat from the terrorist attacks targeted at them by the terror outfit Islamic State.

The letter also underscored that the Hindu and Sikh community which once thrived with a population of more than 2,50,000 has been reduced to less than a hundred families after enduring years of discrimination and violence at the hands of extremists.

In their letter, Congressmen went on to suggest to Pompeo to consider referring the people from religious minorities in Afghanistan to the US Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) through Priority 1 embassy referrals.

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