US Imposes Visa Sanction On Pakistan, Might Get Escalated To Pakistani Citizens

The US has imposed visa sanctions on Pakistan for not accepting back it citizen deportees and visa-overstayers from America.
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Consecutively the White House has warned strict actions including withholding visa for the senior officials travelling to America. With this Pakistan has joined the fleet of 10 nations who face visa sanctions on similar grounds by the US under Section 243 (d) of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

The State Department on Friday said that consular operations in Pakistan remain “unchanged” as of now but the nation might start to withhold visas.
The spokesperson of the department further added that “This is a bilateral issue of ongoing discussion between the US and Pakistani governments and we are not going to get into the specifics at this time.”

Pakistan’s former ambassador to the US, Hussain Haqqani said that Pakistan’s refusal to accept its citizens deported from the US is not new.
“This measure will create hardship for Pakistanis who want or need to travel to the US and could have been avoided if Pakistani authorities had not ignored American requests to respect their legal requirements for deportation,” Haqqani told PTI, days after the federal register notification.

The escalation in the matter will undermine the bonhomie and make situations difficult for the citizens of Pakistan. Next, the family members of officials working in the US and other applicants if the first round does not go through seamlessly.

Out of the 10 nations, for some, the sanctions started from the family members of the officials working the very ministry responsible for deportation. The Federal Register notification said that there is no set formula as the State has never issued a blanket refusal for visas from the country in question.

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