US Military Members Halt Contact with Afghan Security Personnel, Claim Protocol Conformity After “Green on Blue” Attacks

On Wednesday, officials of US Military confirmed to The Washington Post that they have scaled back most face-to-face contact with Afghan security personnel and have also temporarily halted stationing at Afghan security facilities. The reason, cited as “standard practice” is the two recent ‘insider’ attacks.

NATO Resolute Support’s Spokesperson pointed out that such activity is protocol after “green on blue” attacks (attacks by Afghan forces on foreign forces). Although soft communication via internet and telephone is still on, temporarily the direct contact has been laid off. However some crucial meetings still take place.

The Washington Post quoted findings from officials: “A senior Afghan military officer, stationed at a joint base with foreign forces, said that American troops “have been ordered not to visit the Afghan side of our base for a few days, but we can visit them on their side.” The officer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive issue, also said the ‘joint control and command center is active’.”

The Kandahar attack which was a ploy by the Taliban to assassinate Gen Raziq was seen with a lot of suspicion in the United States after Gen Scott Miller (US military commander in Afghanistan) escaped without as much as a scratch and promptly reached Kabul the same day. This has led many in Afghanistan as well as abroad to believe that the attack might have been an American Conspiracy.

However, the greater concern out of the attacks have been on credibility of recruitment in Afghan security forces. Many MPs in Afghanistan have also questioned as to how a Taliban placed insurgent who trained in a suicide attack centre was conveniently recruited as Kandahar governor’s bodyguard.
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Another “green on blue” incident was when a Czech soldier was killed by an Afghan Security force member more than a week ago.

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