Women Negotiators Seeking To Preserve Rights in Afghan Peace Talks

Women named as part of an Afghan delegation tasked with conducting peace talks with the Taliban say they will be attempting to preserve women’s rights in complex negotiations with the group aimed at ending four decades of war in Afghanistan.

“We will be aiming to discuss women’s citizenship rights, which will cumulatively include all political, social, and economic rights within the framework of a republican [political system],” Habiba Sarabi, a leading member of the Afghan delegation, told Radio Free Afghanistan.

Sarabi, a physician and deputy leader of the government’s peace council, says they will be specifically looking to preserve the right to vote, right to candidacy, work, free speech, and all other human and women rights in the peace talks with the Taliban.

“We don’t expect these issues to be resolved in the coming months because negotiations are a long, drawn-out process,” she said.

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