Abdullah’s Swearing-In Ceremony Will be Held In Upcoming Hours: Spox

The spokesman of the “Stability and Partnership” team, Feraidon Khozon says the priority is holding the inauguration ceremony which will be held in the next upcoming hours.

“All preparations have been taken and the guests are coming. There is traffic congestion in the city. Whenever all the guests attended the ceremony, the inauguration will be started,” Khozon told reporters.

“Efforts are underway, but the “Stability and Partnership” team is no longer waiting for negotiations. We presented our plans yesterday. But when the opposing team does not accept to resolve the crisis they are responsible for the start of a crisis.
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The program of swearing-in is normally underway,” he added.

This comes as Fazel Ahmad Manwai a member of Abdullah’s team has announced the postponement of the inauguration ceremony earlier on the day.

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