Health Emergency Services Intact in Kandahar on Election Day

Dr. Abdul Qayum Pukhla, head of Kandahar Public Health Department told Reporterly that about 24 Ambulance vehicles with the authorization of Kandahar Security Authorities have been designated in 5 locations (Kandahar Public Health Department, Mirwais Hospital, Adam Darmal Health center in PD 9, Alama Rishad Health center in Ainu Mina, Burbazar Etihad hospital) on election day to provide health care for the sick.

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It is beacuse the ordinary transportation is banned in the city due to security concerns. From 2 pm yesterday, these services have continued and people from 15 PDs of the city can contact the numbers previously announced by the media and the ambulance is dispatched to those areas, transferring the patients to Mirwais Hospital. At the district level, the district health centers’; ambulances transmitted patients to the city’s gates and other ambulances trnsffers the patients to Mirwais Hospital from this point. So far, all ambulances have transmitted the general, emergency and obstetric patients.
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