Same Issues as Last Week’s Elections Persist in Kandahar Today: IECC

Officials of the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) have pointed to the error that Kandahar elections have been delayed and are facing shortcomings like the election held last week.

The spokesman for the Electoral Complaints Commission, Alireza Rohani, told Radio Azadi, “Unfortunately, despite a week of preparation to hold parliamentary elections in Kandahar, we still have reports that a number of centers have been delayed and some have been closed due to technical challenges.”

Mr. Rohani stresses that this time the IEC has no longer justification for the existence of these challenges. They should have taken the necessary steps to address the challenges that we saw in the last week’s election, in a week-long opportunity that they had.

Meanwhile, IECC officials say that observers, candidates and citizens have the opportunity to register their complaints within three days after the parliamentary elections in Kandahar.
“With the start of parliamentary elections in Kandahar, voters, observers and candidates will have three days to file their complaints of electoral violations”, Alireza Rohani added.

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