Security Threats, Closed Polling Stations Deter Women From Casting Votes in 2 Districts of Kandahar

The findings of Reporterly show that no woman has been able to go to the polls in two districts of Kandahar province, including the Arghistan and Khakriz districts, because of high security threats.

Bashir Ahmad, district chief of Arghistan in Kandahar province, says “besides the blockade of three polling stations in Arghistan, due to the security threats this district, women have not been able to go to the polls.”

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District Chief of Khakriz confirmed to Reporterly that few women were registered for parliamentary elections because of Taliban warnings in the district, but at least those women have participated in the polling today.

“There were few qualified voters that had registered in the district for parliamentary elections which counted around 400 people.

The Taliban warned people that if they vote, they will be punished. Along with the fact that women could not participate, a number of men did not participate in the election either. ”
According to the district governor of Khakriz, the voting process in the district ended at 3:30 pm in the afternoon.

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