Shakiba Hashemi Lists the Issues Prevalent in Kandahar on Polling Day: Biometric, Delay in Opening of Centres, Other Technical Problems

Shabika Hashemi, a candidate from Kandahar and a standing MP has informed Reporterly about the many problems Kandahar faces on election day:
“The biometric system does not work in most parts of the center of Kandahar. The polls have not yet started in some schools in the city, the staff has not yet arrived and electoral equipment has not yet reached, the voter list is incomplete. Our observers have not been allowed to enter.

Fazil Kandahari, Aino No. 2, Timur Shahi, Zarghuna high schools are the centers with technical problems and are still closed. The list of voters is incomplete in center located in Department of Economy, and the word “F” has not yet arrived.

The turnout is high, but people have started to leave due to closure of the center.

There is no problem with the security situation, but the equipment of the election commission is not complete and has caused problems.”

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