Takhta Pul Faces No Serious Problems, But Biometric Issues Cause Little Disturbance

Shah Wali Khan Achakzai, district chief of Takhta Pul spoke to Reporterly to inform that there are no serious problems in the district and the security is under control, but the only issue is that the process is slow due to the biometric system.
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He said that there are 7 polling stations open in the district, but they are far from each other. “At the registration process, 16 stations were established in the province, but only 7 stations were designated by the commission and nine others were blocked by the commission. There were no security issues but for unknown reasons, the commission closed them.” Mr. Achakzai said.

Mr Achakzai added, “Although we talk to the governor and the commissioners, they promised to open the stations, but that was not done. Today, however, polling stations continue to operate normally.”

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